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Advertising barrier installation precautions

●Before using, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the product, that is, 220V±10%. In order to take into account the under-voltage phenomenon in some areas, the operating performance is maintained when the voltage is as low as 180V.
● When it is necessary to open the brake lever, press the “wring-up” key on the controller or remote control. At this time, the brake lever will automatically lift the lever and stop automatically when it is in position.
● When it is necessary to close the brake lever, press the “falling lever” key on the controller or remote control. At this moment, the brake lever will automatically drop the lever and automatically stop when it is in place.
● During the falling process, if a vehicle and a pedestrian pass, the brake lever will immediately move in the direction of the rod, or press the “Stop” button, and the brake lever will interrupt the operation. (Note: Do not press the "Stop" button during normal operation.)
● If the brake lever is in a horizontal state during a power outage, open the door of the barrier door and lift the lever with a hand. After the incoming call, directly press the "drop" button, the brake lever will automatically drop the lever to resume normal use.
II. Maintenance instructions
● Always use a soft, fine cloth to remove dirt and oil on the surface of the chassis and keep it clean.
● Regularly check the control board''s wiring area for looseness, poor contact, etc. Keep the control equipment in a ventilated and dry place. Do not wash and soak water to ensure its stable performance and improve product service life.
● Periodically check the connection of the connection parts and the moving parts of the brake, and tighten loose fasteners.
● Check the balance spring regularly to ensure that the spring does not break or crack.
● Regularly check the gear unit for oil leakage or other undesirable phenomena.
● Regularly check the system protection ground connection to ensure that the system protection ground contact is reliable.




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