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License Plate Recognition Common Troubleshooting Methods

At present, because the license plate recognition system enables vehicles to enter and exit the parking lot, they can enter and exit without parking cards, speeding up the speed of vehicles, eliminating the need for card management and reducing management personnel''s expenses. Therefore, they are widely used in major cities. Parking lot. However, due to the user''s unfamiliarity with the product, the license plate recognition system can not play its role well. In order to make better use of the company''s products for the majority of customers, the following safety issues are raised by some of the common issues raised by the technician. Simple solution:
1. Symptoms: The camera network is disconnected, and the license plate recognition board is disconnected from the network.
Cause: Check whether the network cable is connected properly. Check whether the indicator of the network port and the switch is normal. Check whether the device IP address is in the same network segment as the computer IP address.
Troubleshooting method: replace the network cable, replay the crystal head; modify the device IP address, or computer IP address;
2. Symptoms: On-line monitoring and identification, no recognition of offline recognition;
Cause: The camera is connected to the motherboard 485 A B cable; the camera output port selection is wrong; the camera output baud rate selection is wrong.
Troubleshooting method: Camera 485 A B line must correspond to the main board; camera output port must be RS485A-1; camera output baud rate is 4800
3, failure phenomenon: license plate recognition camera is fuzzy, can not see the license plate;
Cause of failure: The camera focal length is not adjusted well; the camera glass surface has dirt;
Troubleshooting method: Adjust the sharpness of the screen on the IE side, and click it once to adjust it.
4, failure phenomenon: license plate recognition rate is low;
Cause of the problem: The camera is not in the right position or angle; the license plate imaging pixels are too low or too high;
Troubleshooting method: license plate imaging must be as horizontal as possible; if you encounter T-shaped junction, install two cameras; adjust zoom. Adjust to the appropriate license plate size.

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